Virtual Freezer Meal Party Spring 2018

You’re invited (again!) to our Virtual Freezer Meal Party: Spring Edition!!
We (Kaitie from Fuchsia Freezer and I) had so much fun hosting our last Freezer Meal Party, we’re doing it again. We also need to restock our freezer so there’s no better time. If you missed our last party, you can still check out our videos here. But don’t leave yet!! Keep on reading…

As a recap, this is how it works:

Come join our Virtual Freezer Meal Party: A fun day of filling your freezer with easy meals your family will love!

Kaitie and I are sharing 5 family friend freezer meals (try saying THAT 3 times fast) along with printable recipes and a shopping list. We’re making this super easy for you to follow along with us. Just print out the Freezer Meal Party package and hit the grocery store. A good tip is to shop your pantry and fridge first to see what you already have in stock.

The five recipes I’ll be making are:

  • Meatballs
  • Chicken fingers
  • Brown sugar meatloaf (trust me, you NEED to try this recipe)
  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • (THE BEST) Chocolate brownies

To check out what Kaitie will be cooking up, make sure you head on over to Fuchsia Freezer to score her FREE downloads.

So if you’ve never attempted a Freezer Meal Party – even if it’ll be a party for one, here are a few suggestions.

    Nothing will make the day go more successfully than if you put a little effort into doing as much as you can in advance. Clean and organize your kitchen. Get out all the tools you’ll need the day of the event. A little prep work in advance will make the world of difference.
  • Go shopping the day before
    Don’t be a hero, you don’t have to do everything in one day. Don’t forget to check what you already have in stock to save a bit of money. Don’t use stuff that is already in your freezer however since you’ll be refreezing what you’re making.
  • Clean or organize your freezer
    You are going to be putting at least 5 dishes into your freezer. Make sure you have the space.
  • Invite a friend or two over
    Filling your freezer is way more fun with company, and it lightens the workload too. If your kitchen or work area is big enough to accommodate the company, having a friend join you means you can divide up the tasks and get the job done more quickly. You shop onions, while she peels potatoes. It also means you can buy in bulk – saving you money.
  • Make some snacks in advance
    At some point in the day you’re going to need to eat. Or feed your family lunch. Having snacks readily available will help you not have to stop and make something. Make sure you snack while you’re working and stay hydrated. It’s like you’re running a marathon. Only that marathon is making Freezer Meals.
  • Wear your most comfortable pair of shoes
    Out of everything on the list make sure you do this one. I cannot express enough how much a comfortable pair of shoes will help. Trust me, you will thank me the next day.
  • Double or triple these recipes
    All the recipes included are for one meal. I suggest you make two or three batches of each recipe, depending on the amount of room available in your freezer. You WILL have to update your shopping list if you decide to do this, but as I say, why make one batch of chicken fingers, when you can make three! It’s almost the same amount of effort. You’re kitchen is already dirty. Make more than just one.
    Oh, and for the love of that’s holy, put one of these recipes aside for dinner that night. The easy one that only needs to be heated. There’s no way you’re going to want to make another meal after you’ve spend the day in the kitchen.

Are you getting excited? Just think of all those meals that will be ready for you to make a nice and easy dinner. Or to delegate to your other half that is less than enthusiastic about making dinner! They’ll be much more willing to jump to the task when they know they have access to all those easy meals in the freezer.


When you’re getting your kitchen ready for the day of the Freezer Meal Party, here are a few of the tools I suggest you have available to use:

  • Large freezer safe ziplock bags
  • Variety of casserole dishes or disposable aluminium foil pans (with lids if possible)
  • Aluminium loaf pans
  • Foil and parchment paper
  • Small and large frying pan
  • Large mixing bowls
  • Baking sheets
  • Box grater for cheese
  • Ice cream scoop
  • Selection of sharp knives
  • Selection of cutting boards
  • Measuring cups & measuring spoons
  • Clean tea towels and an apron

Here’s what I  use:

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Now that you are all ready to go, make sure you head on over to the Facebook event and click on “Going” so you get reminders leading up to the event. You’ll also want to “Like” Fuchsia Freezer’s Facebook page and our Facebook page as we’ll be sharing our LIVE videos there along with other freezer meal prepping tips.

I also suggest you come join the Meal Planning and Freezer Meal community. We would love to see what you’re cooking up at home so come share a picture and/or recipe. Show us what you’re doing at home to help combat your weekly meal mayhem.

Don’t forget, if you missed the last Freezer Meal Party, you can check out our videos here.

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