Challenge: Learn How to Meal Plan

Have you ever wanted to learn how to meal plan? Did you know it’s a proven fact meal planning will help you save money, spend less time in the kitchen and give you the opportunity to eat more healthy? Seems like a win-win-win situation to me. All this for spending just 15 minutes a week to plan your meals.

I’ve been planning my meals for years. Sure some weeks or months are better than others but I learned a long time ago that if I’m walking through the door at 5:30 after a long day at work and I don’t have a plan, it’s a disaster. I’ve had my fair share of hot dogs, kraft dinner and fried egg sandwiches. Our family needed a change. Dinners needed to include healthy proteins and lots of vegetables. I needed a plan. A meal plan.

As many people point out, I love food so taking on the challenge to learn how to meal plan was more like a fun game. I totally get that some people are just not interested in what they put on their plate as long as its food. As a parent, I would like to give my kids what their young bodies need to grow healthy and maybe give their taste buds an adventure or two. For me, food needs to taste good as well as serve some nutritional value.

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken Bowls, perfect for meal planning healthy lunches | 365 Days of Easy Recipes

I still get the stink eye when I tell people I love to meal plan. It’s like I’m the devil. So for the month of April I’m going to tell you everything I do to incorporate meal planning for my family into the week so you can learn how to meal plan too! By signing up for my Newsletter (see below or in the side menu) I’m going to send out a copy of the meal plan I will be using the following week. I’ll also include a copy of my shopping list and the recipe cards to go with the plan.

You can use the same plan that I’m using or you can create your own! Download your own printable schedule so you can create your own meal plan.

I also recommend you join in the Meal Planning and Freezer Meals Facebook group. Even if you don’t sign up for the newsletter, come join the fun on Facebook. You can share the meal plan you’re using, post your family’s favorite go-to recipes for those busy nights (because we are always looking for fabulous new recipes to try) and any tips you have for planning meals for your family. Come join in the fun and take the challenge so you too can learn how to meal plan!


Diana L.

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  1. Meal plans relieve so much pressure, don’t they! It’s totally worth the time it take to prepare them. Rather than sitting down to a blank page when I need a meal plan, I jot down ideas for the weeks ahead as they come to me. Then, it’s only a matter of filling in where necessary and taking inventory of the kitchen before I go shopping.

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