#62 – Hot Hamburger Sandwiches

This recipe for Hot Hamburger Sandwiches was inspired by a meal my husband used to enjoy as a child growing up. If you are watching what you’re eating, turn away now! This recipe is what I like to call true Northern Ontario winter cooking, the kind of meal that will stick to your ribs and keep you warm at night. Bless my mother-in-law when she came up with this creation.

A hot hamburger sandwich, which as the name implies, is a hamburger patty that is nestled between two pieces of bread and is then drowned in gravy. I’ve been known to leave off the top slice of bread, trying to be a little more calorie conscience. For this recreation I decided to add some cheese on top of the hamburger, pouring gravy over so it melts then topping it with the second slice of bread.

This makes a super fast meal, especially if you have some leftover hamburgers from a previous meal. Leftovers recreated! Of course when the hubby is in the mood, I always have frozen homemade hamburger patties in the freezer I can cook some patties up fresh. Serve with a side of fries, (yes, I know you’re dying over there) smother those in gravy too, or just go all out and make them into a poutine, why not right? You’re already committed.

This is the types of meal you’d see Guy Fieri bite into as he travels across the US in Diner’s, Drive In’s & Dives. Full of flavor but quick and easy.

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Hot Hamburger Sandwiches


  • 4 hamburger patties , cooked (rewarmed if lefterovers)
  • 2 cups shredded mozza cheese , or other preferred cheese
  • 1 can gravy (or 1 ½ cups of your preferred homemade gravy)
  • 8 slices of bread


  1. For the assembly: Place a slice of bread down on the plate. Then place your hamburger on the bread. Top your burger with ½ cup shredded cheese. Spoon a little gravy over top of the cheese just to get it to melt a bit. Top the entire thing with the second slice of bread. Spoon additional gravy on top of the bread so it’s liberally coated.

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