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Perhaps I did this backwards. I see many lovely Blogs that become so popular they are offered deals to create a cook book.  I started with my cook book and moved on to create a blog. Of course, I also dream of creating another cook book. 😉

What started off as a Bucket List item (read my full story here), grew into an amazing opportunity for personal growth and new challenges.  I’m not allowing myself to say ‘no’ to any opportunity and I’m learning as I go, but I’m having so much fun!  I’m certainly not expecting to become the next Giada, Ina or Martha, but I’m tickled pink that so many people are loving my cook book. But then again, my cook is a collaboration of my favourite recipes from the past 15 years – family recipes and new additions I’ve perfected over the years. There have been many people giving me their input into these recipes.

I’ve already sold enough books to make a sizeable donation to the Northern Cancer Foundation, which made me even more happy then when I first published my book.

Donation made to the Northern Cancer Foundation



This cook book has 100 pages of easy, family friendly recipes as well as some party planning suggestions and tip. I’m also very price conscience so most recipes will take this into consideration and I promise, you’ll be able to pronounce most ingredients.  (You’re on your own for the worcestershire sauce, that’s still a tongue twister for me)

If you would like to purchase your own copy of my cook book, here are a few place it can be purchased:

Battistelli’s Your Independent Grocer
Lively, Ontario

The Workplace Inc.
1191 Lansing Ave
Sudbury, Ontario

Online at

Don’t forget, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Northern Cancer Foundation.
Thanks for your support!!

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