Welcome to 365 Days of Easy Recipes. I started this blog as a way to share my family’s favorite recipes and my meal planning tips and strategies. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to cook and bake but there are some days I just don’t have it in me. Feeding a family can be stressful, especially if you work full time and have a bazillion other things on your plate to worry about. It could be a busy day (or week) at work, activities for the kids, muay thai at the gym… all good reasons for me to go to my freezer and pull out one of my premade freezer meals. If I have my dinner at home defrosting in the fridge, life seems so much better when I know “what’s for supper”.

This 4 Ingredient Cheese Cappelletti is the perfect make ahead freezer meal | 365 Days of Easy Recipes

I also love to host a good party with tasty party appetizers. I’m a little on the cheap frugal side so I share ways of planning parties on a budget. I’ve also been known to splurge now and then too. One of my all time favorite parties was my Wine Tasting Party. Great food, delicious wine and fabulous friends! If you’ve never attended one before, I highly recommend putting one together with your friends. Don’t worry; I include some frugal tips as well. If wine is not your thing, a beer tasting party is just as fun.

You may notice quite a few easy dessert recipes. I know people don’t live on sweets alone so I’m trying to focus more on sharing my delicious dinner ideas moving forward. Anyone who loves their slow cooker (crock pot) is in for a treat too because I can’t live without mine.

My big focus is pre-made freezer meals, if I’m not cooking wholesome foods from fresh ingredients. During the summer I love to stock my freezer with my hamburger patties and marinated chicken that are perfect for the BBQ. During the winter I make cheese cappelletti, meat pies, lasagnas, Bolognese sauce and shepherd’s pie.

Some exciting news I’d like to share is my partnership with On A Sweet Note greeting cards. Ok, it’s really my teen-aged son that’s behind On A Sweet Note, but when he came up with the idea, how could I say no to his entrepreneurial endeavors. It was really fun making all those cupcakes to take pictures of. Then eating some of those cupcakes. Then giving away a lot of those cupcakes. We made some people pretty happy that day.

Sweet Note sells high quality note and greeting cards featuring delicious desserts. The inside is blank so you can customize it for whichever event you choose. You really need to check them out. The cards will make you drool. Each card includes the recipe for the featured dessert on the back of the card.

My mom's No Bake Blueberry Cheese Cake. Light, fluffy and oh so delicious!! Not to mention easy. | 365 Days of Easy Recipes

Statistics show that many people like to keep the greeting cards they receive. After someone receives one of these amazing cards, there’s no way someone is going to toss it out. It’s so easy to send someone an email, which is probably why receiving a hand written note is even more special. Giving one of these cards will make the card even more special.

So grab your self a cup of coffee or tea, get comfy and check out my recipes and meal planning tips and strategies. I hope you find some suggestions that will help save you time and effort in the kitchen which will in the long run, make you a happier (and hopefully less stressed) person.

(Did I mention I also love to travel? You’ll probably find some stories about my travel adventures too!)
The light house at Peggy's Cove

The light house at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia


Joggins Cliffs, Nova Scotia

Joggins Cliffs, Nova Scotia


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  1. Hi Diana. Came across your blog while searching for a good old fashioned macaroni salad recipe. I relate to the fact you’d rather spend money on feeding friends than restaurant meals. I am also a frugal cook so know we’ll get on well! Look forward to trying many of your recipes. Thanks!

  2. Hi Diana.. I seen your video today on meal planning,, A plan which I’ve been meaning to implement for years lol…I did not hear you had this business but not surprised .. you are a true entrepreneur and always the best treats at the office
    I made myself a note to drop in to your video of Future freezer on Jan 21
    Thank you

    • Hi Sue, my blog isn’t a business, just something I do for fun. 🙂 But I’m happy to share my tips on meal planning.
      Hope you can follow along the day of the freezer meal party.

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