30 Days of Meal Planning Ebook

Are you tired of trying to figure out what to make for dinner each week?

Do you want to build a meal plan with dinners your family will enjoy?

Do you want to learn how to save money on groceries each week?

If you’re a busy working parent, you probably struggle to put dinner on the table for your family every night. After a long day at work, you just want to come home to a quick and easy meal. Bonus points if it’s healthy, right?

Aside from grabbing take out on your way home, the next best solution is to meal plan.

If you just cringed at the thought of Meal Planning, you are not alone. But I guarantee you, the single easiest thing you can do for yourself is put in a little bit of time on the weekend to plan your meals for the week.

30 Days of Meal Planning:

Tips & Strategies for Saving you Time & Money

is here to help you!

The 40 page ebook will walk you through a step-by-step process to help YOU take small, easy ways you can incorporate meal planning into YOUR LIFE by:

  • Help you plan healthy, easy meals your family will enjoy
  • Share tips on how you can save money on groceries
  • Show you how to reduce your monthly grocery budget
  • Share strategies to make your grocery trip take less time and be less stressful
  • Learn how to get your family involved to help you with the meal planning!


To get you started, you’ll receive 6 weeks worth of family friendly meal plans!

Each week will include 5 easy dinner recipes, 1 make-ahead breakfast and a healthy snack or lunch recipe you can make for lunch boxes.

The 30 Days of Meal Plans book includes:

  • Healthy, low or no-carb dinner recipes
  • Slow cooker recipes for those super busy nights
  • Healthy 20 minute meals
  • Recipes adaptable for both the oven or the BBQ
  • Family friendly meals designed for a family of four or five
  • Freezer meals you can prepare in advance and take out the night before
  • Healthy lunch solutions for you and the kids you can make in advance
  • Make ahead breakfasts for the whole family
  • A variety of meal options that include chicken, beef, pork and fish
  • Additional healthy side dish recipes included


30 Days of Meal Planning: Tips & Strategies for Saving you Time & Money is packed full of ideas and printable templates to help you with planning your meals each week. Use the ideas that work best for YOU and your family. Use one idea or try implement a couple of them.

Some of my favourite templates include:

  • weekly meal planner
  • shopping list template
  • Freezer inventory list
  • Pantry inventory list
  • template to list your family’s favourite meals
  • price comparison sheet


When you fall off the Meal Planning wagon, that’s OK! Just jump back on and try again.

In this book 30 Days of Meal Planning: Tips & Strategies for Saving you Time & Money, I’m sharing all my Meal Planning strategies I’ve used over the past two decades while being a single mom putting myself through college and then as a wife working full time, hockey practice, swimming lessons and soccer. I even managed to get to the gym once in a while! It’s not easy but it is possible.


Using the strategies in this book, you’re guaranteed to find simple ways to make sure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying Netflix. Or reading a good book.


What you get:

  • over 40 pages of meal planning strategies that will help you
    • save you time in the kitchen preparing your meals
    • save money and stick to your grocery budget each month
    • incorporate healthy meals into your life
    • take control of the chaos in your kitchen and conquer meal planning
  • 10 printable templates to help you with meal planning, saving money while grocery shopping and planning your grocery list
  • 6 weeks of meal plans along with printable recipes and weekly shopping lists


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