#20 – Fried Eggs with Veggies

About a year ago I took a nutrition course that had me “watching my carbs”. Everyone has their opinions and what works for them when trying to lose weight, but I was training in muay thai and my goal wasn’t to lose weight but to become healthy, increase my endurance and become stronger. It’s a good thing too because after I lost my initial 25 lbs, I starting putting on weight… muscle weight. But the inches were also melting away so I was happy. There’s also something very satisfying for a 5 foot 2 inched woman knowing I could probably drop anyone who tried to mess with me.  Or at least make them regret trying.

Anyhow, I miss my muay thai as I’ve had to give it up (for now) but I still like to try follow the “low” carb lifestyle I took on while training.  The general idea was not to eat more then 25% worth of carbs in one sitting, unless it was after you had worked out. You still needed to incorporate veggies into your meal if you’ve worked out but you could enjoy the pasta and bread. After a while I realized how great I felt by limiting my carb intake. Even still today, my tummy thanks me when I reach for the spaghetti squash instead of the box of pasta.

One of my favourite things to have in the morning for breakfast was, of course, eggs and toast.  And unless I wanted to get up at 5 am to exercise, I would have to find something else then toast.  Of course I rebelled at the idea of egging vegetables with my eggs. What kind of freak was he?? He was a healthy freak.

While many people grab a bowl of cereal (that only leaves you hungry 1/2 hr later, come on, be honest), or hot cereal (which felt heavy in my tummy), I started making these amazing fried eggs with sautéed peppers, mushrooms and my favourite, asparagus. It would fill me up, not make me feel bloated and I felt great after. Best part was it was still yummy!

Easy Healthy breakfast recipe: eggs & vegetables - 365daysofeasyrecipes


Fried Eggs and Sautéed Veggies

1 tbsp olive oil
1 cup of vegetables (asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, etc)
2 eggs


  1. Heat your pan over medium heat. Add the olive oil to your pan and cook your choice of vegetables. If you wish to have your veggies served on the side, cook your vegetables until tender crisp. Remove them from the pan and place on your plate. If you wish to cook your eggs with your vegetables, only partially cook your vegetables before adding your eggs.
  2. Crack your eggs into the pan and cook to your preferred doneness. Serve!

Simple, easy and healthy! A perfect way to start your day.

Easy Healthy breakfast recipe: eggs & vegetables - 365daysofeasyrecipes