#19 – Pizza Wonton Wraps

I’ve seen a few variations of these on Pinterest so I decided to give them a try myself after finding wonton wraps at my local grocery store. I always keep pepperoni in the freezer for the impromptu pizza requests and cheese sticks are pretty common for the kids lunches.Unfortunately I didn’t realize the other people who made them had much larger wonton wraps.

Luckily, I got creative and figured out a way to wrap up all that goodness in my much smaller wonton wraps so they could be deep fried. The trick was brushing water on the wonton wraps for them to stick together. My husband came to investigate while I was making them and thought I was making cheese sticks. He didn’t realize there was pepperoni goodness in there too! Dipped in some warmed up pizza sauce and his mind was blown.  He gave this recipe an 11/10. Ha!!

The best part of this recipe was I can totally see myself matching batches of these for a party and keeping them in the fridge until company comes then deep frying them up when I’m ready to serve them. They were really not that much effort at all and made for a very impressive, but inexpensive treat.

My husband’s only suggestion was to try include some extra pizza flavours inside like green pepper, bacon  or onion. Perhaps if I can get my hands on the larger wonton wraps, and cut the ingredients up very small, but I felt I was lucky to get all the goodness in the wraps I had. Plus, they were absolutely fantastic just the way they were!

Pizza Wonton Wraps | 365daysofeasyrecipes.com

Package of wonton wraps
Cheese Strings
Pepperoni slices
Deep frier or oil for frying

DIRECTIONS Wonton Pizza Wraps - so amazing! 365daysofeasyrecipes.com

Here was the method to my madness: lay one wrap in the middle of your working service. Brush with water. Over lap a wonton wrap on either side so the corners are touching in the middle of the first wrap. Lay your pepperoni and cheese on top. The cheese should come to the middle of the wonton wrap on either end. Important: When folding the wonton wrap up, fold in the ends first on either side. Then roll up one side, then the other side.  I was lucky, my only gaps were along one side as you can see below. I fixed that by grabbing a fourth wonton wrap, brushing it with water and lining it up diagonally and wrapping each corner around the pizza stick. I held the top corner in place for a few seconds so wraps would stick together. Wonton Pizza Wraps - so amazing! 365daysofeasyrecipes.com Wonton Pizza Wraps - so amazing! 365daysofeasyrecipes.com

If you’re making these ahead, cover with plastic wrap otherwise, deep fry for a few minutes until the outside are a nice deep brown. Place on a paper towel to drain the excess oil before serving. Heat some pizza sauce in a pot over medium heat until bubbling, and serve with your hot pizza wonton sticks. Wonton Pizza Wraps - so amazing! 365daysofeasyrecipes.com

Diana L.